Vertical growing system

Understanding more on Vertical Growing Systems

Vertical growing is a method mostly in urban agriculture where the producer grows their crops upwards or in vertically stacked layers, vertically inclined surfaces. The main idea in this type farming is the use of indoor faming technique and controlled environmental agriculture technology. In this type of growing system all environmental factors are under control. This factors include artificial control of light, control of humidity, temperature and gases. Some vertical systems use techniques which are similar to greenhouses. Anything that is grown on trellis or even a fence is part of the vertical garden. This technique of farming can also be used to create living screens between different areas thus providing privacy for your yard or home.

 Nowadays vertical gardens are being used to grow flowers and even vegetables. This technique of farming is used by many to ensure that their garden space is used to maximum thus no wastage. A simple structure is that of bamboo structure which allows beans to climb vertically thus creating space where they would have taken much space if they grew horizontally. Crops such as cucumbers, squash and also tomatoes can be grown vertically. Harvesting crops grown vertically is also much easier as one can harvest while standing upright, in case of the horizontally grown crops one has to kneel or squat on the ground. Vertical growing is much easier and is suitable for people with arthritis or other disabilities. Pipp Horticulture helps to construct movable vertical growing solutions. Pipp Horticulture enables the vertical growing systems to work efficiently through the constructed racks thus increasing production. Watch this video about gardening.

 Those who support this growing system from Pipp Horticulture say that it can increase food security and also a positive impact on human health, it would reduce the amount of land which shall be put under cultivation thus decreasing deforestation and pollution and also it will help the urban centers be independent thus not relying on the interior for farm products. It will also help in the fight against draught as there is enough food production.

Those who are against  vertical growing system say that most designs of vertical growing designs don't efficiently deliver the necessary required artificial light which is required to keep the design green. Most of the vertical farms have hefty electric bills in order to produce good yields. They also argue that the problem is not lack of farmable land the problem is underutilization of the available land, discover more here!